Unisex - Root Chakra - Bomber Jacket ET75174312

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    • Unisex - Root Chakra - Bomber Jacket ET75174312
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Starseed Soul specialised in Energy healing. Did you know you can help balance your root chakra by wearing the colour red?

Everything around you is made of energy...from the universe right through to the cells that make up you! The reason we are able to see the world around us is due to a multitude of information our body and mind are receiving. Through our eyes we are able to see colour...but the colours we see are limited to the spectrum of light our eyes are able to detect. Each of these colours are waves of light that are vibrating at different frequencies.

Our body has a proven electromagnetic aura and at each of our energy points, also known as chakras, the energy vibrates in accordance with the different colours. This means that when we bring certain colours into contact with our elecro-magnetic aura we can help balance the different chakras and their frequencies.

Starseed soul has crafted a selection of healing bomber jackets, each with the symbol of the chakra it is associated with, but also incorporating the colour of that chakra. Wearing these jackets on a regular basis will help balance the associated chakra.

The Root Chakra

Physical imbalances in the root chakra include problems in the:

immune system
male reproductive parts
prostrate gland

Those with imbalances here are also likely to experience issues of:

degenerative arthritis
knee pain
eating disorders

Emotional imbalances include feelings affecting our basic survival needs:

ability to provide for life’s necessities.

When this chakra is balance, you feel:

a sense of connection and safety to the physical world

The lesson of this chakra is self-preservation; we have a right to be here.

.: 100% Polyester with lining
.: Full front zipper closure
.: Two lined welt pockets at front
.: Dark blue polyester lining

Unisex - Root Chakra - Bomber Jacket ET75174312